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Polished concrete darkNEW Build - best done in 2 phases

PHASE 1 - Grind the concrete to the desired level of exposure
Grinding takes place after the slab has cured. A coating is then applied to provide some protection to the concrete. This will take approximately 2 days for a standard 3x2 house.

PHASE 2 - Polish
The property requires to be at ‘lock up’, protected from the elements with all ceilings and walls completed. Various processes are undertaken to provide a suitable surface that will achieve the desired sheen at completion. Phase 2 will take approximately 3-4 days for a standard 3x2 house. Cabinet installation, skirting boards and final painting should be done after the floor is finished.


Polishing the floor of an existing building is a process which takes up to 4 days
The grinding of all edges has to be done with hand tools. Variables that need to be taken into consideration for existing concrete are the slab colour and the aggregate range it contains. It is advisable to do a sample so you know what your existing slab consists of.

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